Research Tree

Social Media Intelligence 

Go beyond reactive. Understand deeper connections. We are your partner in discerning motivation and inspiring trust.

Image The Research Tree logo is a finely branching representation of the Tree of Life. More details on the About page.
Three twenty something people, one woman and two men, walking down a New York City avenue. All three are looking at their mobile phones. All look happy and engaged.

Research Tree is delivering impactful social media intelligence and insights 

We reveal the commonalities and uniqueness of the human beings that lies behind the data

By delivering illuminating analyses and out-of-the-ordinary recommendations, strategy experts like you use our insights to develop future-forward tactics to build trust in the integrity of your voice and communicate genuine value. 

We build & deliver research projects just for you 

Our insights development process is designed to answer your fundamental questions that meet expectations for clarity, completeness, & actionability.

Answers to your research questions starts here

Natural pattern in ice that looks similar to contour lines on a map